Leverage the power of Pinterest for your business.

Pinterest is one of the most powerful and heavily-utilized search engines on the internet. The Pinterest market is 80% women between the ages of 25 and 55. If you don't quite understand how Pinterest can benefit your business or if you need help creating and implementing a strategy for this channel, this course is for you. Throughout 16 videos, you will learn strategies to create content that benefits your business; how to expand your reach by engaging with others; and how to become someone worth following. This course is 100% self-paced and video-based. Watch and apply these lessons when it is convenient for you and your business.

With the Winning with Pinterest course you will:

  • Develop your customized Pinterest board strategy.

  • Grow your Pinterest following organically.

  • Pin content to attract your ideal client.

  • Leverage the power of Pinterest as a search engine.

  • Effectively use group boards and secret boards.

  • Develop a hashtag strategy for Pinterest.

Why Pinterest?

Here's what other students are saying about this training.

Game Changer!

Betsy Dirks

If you aren't on Pinterest, you are missing a huge opportunity and market for your direct sales business. I had NO IDEA how powerful Pinterest would become for my doTERRA business when I took "Winning with Pinterest". I just thought that it was a great place to find homemade recipes and inspiring art journal layouts! But now I have my Pinterest account set up and rolling for my doTERRA business (I learned how in the course!). And I generate leads all the time from it. New people find me through my pins, follow my funnel to my group or blog, and many of them eventually join my team as Wholesale Customers or Wellness Advocates. Pinterest was a game changer, and it started with the "Winning with Pinterest" course.

Every expert was once a beginner

Kristy Empol

When I purchased Sassy Suite’s Winning with Pinterest course, I did not have a Pinterest account. I bought the course, created my account on Pinterest, and literally started at the beginning. 0 followers. Winning with Pinterest taught me the fundamentals of the platform and how best to use it for my direct sales business. I learned how to optimize my profile, use group boards, and how to pin strategically (and much more)! Now I am able to use Pinterest to target my ideal client. With all of the tools I learned from the course, I am able to grow my customer base and grow my direct sales team. I highly recommend Winning with Pinterest for anyone looking to grow their business!

Amazing Social Selling Coaching!

Tiffany F.

I've followed Brenda in the "suite" for years and received INVALUABLE free content. Recently I decided to up my game and have taken Winning With Pinterest & Microblogging Bootcamp coaching. Brenda is straight, to the point, what she says is intuitive, makes sense and she is motivating so that you want to apply what you learn to your business. And trust me, you will see immediate results! I've went from under 500 to over 11,000 viewers on Pinterest in 3 weeks!

Take this course!

Carol S.

Definitely take the Pinterest course, it will blow your mind!

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