Video Course Description

This hour-long video session introduces the direct seller to the concept of attraction marketing, and includes topics on personal branding, how to warm up your warm network, and how to begin curating and controlling your social media content. Participants will end this session with a tactical exercise on how to best warm up cold contacts in a relationship-based way. This training is part 1 of our Social Marketing Video Coaching series. Purchase the entire series of 7 courses now for the price of 6!

This course will teach you how to...

  • Understand the principles of relationship-based marketing.

  • Warm up your warm network.

  • Curate and control your social media content.

  • Identify your ideal client.

Why Attraction Marketing?

Here's what our Socialites are saying about this training.

Put your best foot forward

Heather Kelly

Are you new to direct sales or just starting your business? Are you struggling with connecting with your network to generate sales? Attraction Marketing will help you put your best foot forward and begin to develop your business strategy. This course breaks down the marketing strategy into something everyone can utilize. Even if you think you’ve heard this before, pick this one up because it will help prepare you for the other Social Marketing Video Coaching classes.

Highly recommend

Taryn Hermansen

Attraction Marketing is a great course if you’re interested in learning how to do direct sales better! It is a great introduction to the concept of attraction marketing, and dives deeper into concepts like warming up your cold network, how to engage friends and acquaintances online, and basically how to market your business without spamming. It was a game changer for me on how to build on relationships. Highly recommend for anyone interested in building a sustainable business!

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