Monetize Your Social Strategy

A.K.A. Make Mo' Money Online

Do you have visions of making passive income magically through online sales, sponsorships or advertisers? Are you simply seeking more things to offer to your community? Are you thinking about creating affiliate programs, developing e-books or courses?

Maybe you already have a large community primarily centered around a brand, product, or company. What if you could turn that community into something else - something that rallies around a topic, a hobby, an idea, an emotional value, or a sales concept?! As the leader, it takes time and effort to manage these types of groups. There is no reason you can't provide value to your community and be paid for it.

If you have the ideas, but aren't sure where to start or if you're just intrigued by the idea of monetization but aren't sure how you come to implement it - YOU NEED THIS COURSE!

This course is all about monetizing your social strategy. You're already online All. The. Time. Why not get paid for it?! Brenda Ster and her team at Sassy Suite built a 7-figure business in just over three years, using most of the monetization methods we will cover in this course. Our goal is to share with you exactly HOW we did it. We'll dig into everything relating to monetization from mindset to direct and indirect strategies to the tools and systems available to support your online business. This course is packed with hours of video instruction, worksheets, case studies and more.

Turn your idea into cash with Monetize Your Social Strategy

Over the course of 10 detailed, interactive lessons, you can expect to...

  • Master Monetization Strategy

    Dive into the basics of monetization including mindset, indirect and direct methods along with active and passive revenue streams.

  • Analyze Marketing Strategies

    There are various methods of marketing strategies to consider when entering into the world of social monetization. This course will break down the various methods to help you determine which method will be most effective for your business.

  • Develop the Foundations for Your Business

    Monetization is not a one size fits all type of business - it's important you meet your clients exactly where they are for optimal success. We will guide you through the process of clearly identifying your ideal client, your value statement, mission and the best methods for monetizing YOUR community.

  • Create Your Media Kit

    A professional media kit is your social resume and critical for developing online partnerships. We'll guide you through the key elements of a killer media kit and take the fear and guesswork out of building your own by sharing the resources you need to craft yours with ease.

  • Build Your Own Monetized Toolkit

    A virtual toolbox is one of the quickest ways you can start making money online - you're simply sharing the tools you already use! We'll walk you through the process of setting up your own toolbox so you can increase your passive revenue NOW!

  • Break Down Elements of a Strong Funnel

    Lead magnets, email marketing, online courses, membership groups - whatever your value offering is, no one will find it unless you have a strong funnel strategy leading your idea client straight to your product. This course will help you outline and implement the ideal funnel strategy for your business.


Pull it all together with interactive assessments, detailed tasks and the Sassy Suite case study.

Through the course, our Sassy Suite founder, Brenda Ster, gives detailed examples on how we implemented various methods of monetization for Sassy Suite. With a social reach of over 3 million viewers each month and annual revenue in the 7-figures, our real world example will help you apply what you're learning directly to your business.

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What our clients are saying about this course...

Helped me build my "tribe" on Instagram

Christy V.

"Defining my ideal client was very impactful for me. It really helped me to create content and graphics that targeted that one person and it resulted in me gaining a following of my “tribe” on Instagram. I hope to use more of the affiliate marketing information. "

It's okay to make money for your hard work!

Johanna S.

Honestly the biggest impact for me in this course so far has been just recognizing how many ways there are to make my blog and community group financially beneficial for me. It's okay to make money for your hard work (a mindset issue a lot of us had at the beginning), and there are tons of creative ways to make money beyond just selling a product.

Loved everything about the media kit!

Holly I.

Loved everything about the Media kit! I had no idea such a thing even existed. Also the information on Affiliate Marketing! But honestly, I learned something new in each of the units!

Email lists & Lead Magnets

Carol S.

The section that I learned the most from is the email lists/lead magnets and what to do with them. Being able to have a truly strong strategy for that portion of my business will help keep my customers up to date, especially the ones that are not on social media.

This course blew my mind!

Haylee M.

All of it blew my mind - but i think that the media kit is probably the most influential - as it’s already come in handy multiple times when lobbying for affiliate status!!!

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