Video Course Description

Whether you're in direct sales, or sell a product or service online, if someone can order online, you can rock a virtual party! This course will walk you through exactly how to setup and run your own 60-90 minute synchronous party on Facebook. Your purchase includes four training videos covering Planning, Pre Party, Live Party, and Post Party tasks. You’ll receive an epic 77 page workbook so you can dig in and develop a personalized party strategy that incorporates building your party outline and developing your videos, games, and graphics. Epic Live Facebook Party training is completely self-paced, and can be re-watched anytime. Watch out: this may become your favorite way to party!

This course will teach you how to...

  • Create a highly customized, engaging, and repeatable party outline for any brand or product.

  • Make entertainment and fun the party focus.

  • Incorporate theme and video elements.

  • Incorporate the 3Ps (Personality, Purposeful, Promotional).

  • Coach your hostess to maximum party success!


Here's what our Socialites are saying about this training.

Jaci Hynes

This course has been invaluable!

Jaci Hynes

One of my favorite things about EPIC Live Facebook Parties is how many different engagement options were given to us. All you need is a dash of creative thinking and a little bit of personality and you'll never run out of games to play or new posts to share during a party! Even almost a year after I've taken the course, I keep returning to my original EPIC booklet to keep reinventing posts for my parties. The course has been invaluable to my business. Thank you, Sassy Suite!
Kayla Vernon

One of the most valuable trainings I've ever taken!

Kayla Vernon

Epic Live Facebook Parties is hands down one of the most valuable trainings I have ever taken. It put the party back in Facebook! For real, each party is now purposeful, organized, and fun! You can customize it to any platform! This training is straightforward and I’ve never had as much engagement ever! Tons of useable information - I’ve revisited the training multiple times because during it I couldn’t wait to start implementing everything new I’ve learned! You’ll want to take notes. Thank you for providing a tool that I’ll continue to use over and over!

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