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Direct sales can be HARD.  We get it.  The good news - it doesn't have to be!

Join coach Brenda Ster, experienced marketer and direct seller, in the Elite Suite for expert advice on how to build a comprehensive, dynamic social marketing strategy for YOUR business, focused on community, social funnels, and authentic business processes that respect the relationship first (value) and sales second (promotion).  

Membership to the Elite Suite is like having a professional marketing team as your upline – our sole purpose is to help you find success by implementing tried and true marketing principles that put the relationship with your customer FIRST.

With Elite Suite premium coaching & community you have exclusive access to:

  • Private student dashboard with 24/7 access to coaching content.
  • Exclusive access to a highly active and supportive community of other motivated direct sellers across all brands.
  • Detailed success path with defined competency based milestones to measure progress against your own personal goals.
  • New workbooks, printables and digital assets provided each month.
  • Much, much more!  Read on for more information and details on how to join!

PLUS, if you're joining Elite today because of an invitation from a current member, you're already two steps ahead!  With a business buddy in Elite, you've got an accountability partner to brainstorm with and lean on when you need support and motivation.

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Celebrate Your Success with the Elite Community

Our members are finding new success and celebrating each other every day!  As a direct seller, you have a MUCH greater chance at realizing success in your business if you have a strong network of support around you. That's what makes the Elite community so special. 

Join today and surround yourself with others who are ambitious, motivated, high performing, and who are truly invested in doing this business the right way through solid marketing principles rooted in building authentic relationships with your market, your clients, your team, and your community.

Elite Testimonials

Here's what Elite Members Are Saying...

Sandi-Rose S., Origami Owl Independent Designer

Taken my business to new levels

Sandi-Rose S., Origami Owl Independent Designer

Being in The Elite Suite has taken by business to new levels. I have promoted, grown my team and completely changed my mindset.
Tiffany S., Chalk Couture

Knowing the "Suite" Way!

Tiffany S., Chalk Couture

You don't realize how indoctrinated in the Suite you are until you hear training elsewhere that makes you go "Nope, that's not how to do it."
Nancy P., Origami Owl Designer

Love the relationships!

Nancy P., Origami Owl Designer

Love building relationships with Elite sisters! It's awesome when you move to a new place and you're a bit anxious about all the changes, you get to meet new friends for lunch. It's a small world y'all - we all live in the same city. Thank you Elite Suite!
Jennifer M., The Sparkle Mindset

Unparalleled Value!

Jennifer M., The Sparkle Mindset

I started following the Suite ways 9 months into my direct sales journey, and they have been my one constant and go to source of information and how to do things through attraction marketing. The value they provide is unparalleled and worth every penny! I highly recommend those in direct sales or multi-level marketing to follow them and their trainings!
Elisha H., Jamberry Independent Consultant

Worth Its Weight in Gold!

Elisha H., Jamberry Independent Consultant

The social media strategy, marketing & mindset tips I have learned from Brenda [& the Suite] are invaluable. The value I receive from Elite every month is worth its weight in gold & my favorite little room in the Suite!
Janine G.

The Best!

Janine G.

The best training, coaching, guidance group to help you achieve your goals across multi platforms.
Davina J., Color Street

All the Tools You Need!

Davina J., Color Street

The premium group, Elite Suite, run by Sassy Suite gives you all the tools you need to be successful in your business in a non-spammy way and to help you stand out from the other consultants in your business.
Jaci H., Courage and Choas Boutique

Coaching, Friendship & Mentorship!

Jaci H., Courage and Choas Boutique

This community is doing everything right- coaching, friendship, mentorship. These are the people you want to surround yourself with in order to grow!
Bobi R., Independent Scentsy Consultant

The Power of The Suite!

Bobi R., Independent Scentsy Consultant

If you’re looking for real business coaches that actually care about you and your success you’ve come to the right place. The suite team shows you the tools you need to effectively run your home based business and improve your relationships with your communities. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today without the power of the suite.
Janis M., Paparazzi Independent Consultant

Blew My Mind!

Janis M., Paparazzi Independent Consultant

I love everything about the Sassy Suite! I have been a litter for a long time. Just recently I joined the Elite Suite and it absolutely blew my mind! There are so many trainings and there is so much support. I am honestly having trouble keeping up, but I wouldn't trade this new resource for anything! Thanks so much!


A budget friendly way for direct sellers to get professional business coaching, group accountability, private mentorship...and so much more.


    Access coaching content, workbooks, and printables 24/7 via your own private login and student dashboard. Work at your OWN pace through the coaching units as they are released. Network and brainstorm with other members in the Elite Suite community on Facebook.


    Brenda Ster has over two decades of experience in digital marketing, attraction strategy, social media, sales, leadership, and coaching adults and high performing teams. (Amazing, since she is so young...)


    Join us every month for a focused 1-hour working session, to build YOUR upcoming sales strategy and financial plan for the coming month. This is a MUST DO, and will change your business once you understand the financial drivers.


    NEW workbooks, printables, and other digital assets INCLUDING a customizable pack of social media graphic templates for your personal business use are released every month.


    Detailed success path with defined competency based milestones to measure progress against your own personal and business goals.


    A brand new focus group, exclusive to Elite Suite members, to help you develop your Instagram influencer status through attraction-based growth strategies specific to this social platform.

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Elite Brag Flags!

Coaching Curriculum

Elite Suite follows a 12-month coaching cycle that digs deep into the following topics. Over the course of twelve months, you will develop a comprehensive social strategy for YOUR business.

  • Marketing Basics

    It all starts with a rock solid foundation based on a clear understanding of attraction marketing - what it is and why it works!

  • Business Basics

    If you're in direct sales, you're in business for yourself. You need to have processes in place for customer service, financial tracking, stats tracking, planning, follow-up and more. During this month, we'll cover business fundamentals for introductory direct sellers.

  • Content Strategy

    We'll discuss the difference between personality, purposeful, and promotional content, how to incorporate all into your marketing strategy, and how to create cohesive content arcs for optimal success.

  • Sales Strategy

    Live sales strategy sessions, effective party outlines, hostess coaching, and checklists to keep you on track! This month is all about rocking your sales goals.

  • Branding Strategy

    Establishing your personal brand will help set you apart from others in your field. This month is all about identifying and incorporating your personal brand into your business model.

  • Funnel Strategy

    This month is all about building your own social funnel, leveraging the concept of free value, and then moving people through your funnel toward shopping, hosting, and joining.

  • Community Management

    Community management is all about connecting with your ideal client, providing content that serves her (or him), and keeping an eye on engagement. Because, let's be honest, a huge group is no good if engagement is low.

  • Tools & Systems

    If you've been overwhelmed with ideas and process for your social strategy, but stuck on the execution because you weren't sure of the right tool or app to use, this is your month! We'll be focusing on automation and efficiency to keep work smarter, not harder.

  • Sponsoring & Growth Strategy

    Learn and implement the techniques of better sponsoring methods to grow your business by clearly defining your business value and communicating that through marketing arcs and proven scripts.

  • Team Management

    Effectively managing a team presents a unique set of challenges. We'll walk you through developing a dynamic team brand and culture that will keep your team engaged, motivated, and attractive to new prospects.

  • BONUS Challenges

    Over the course of the year we'll offer exclusive, guided challenges that will help you implement the new skills and techniques you're learning for real world experience and application.

  • Monetization

    Interested in monetizing your social presence beyond your direct sales business? This month is all about direct and indirect ways to monetize, active vs. passive revenue streams, the power of blogging and microblogging, as well as developing affiliate partnerships with brands you love.

Let's do direct sales better together! Join today!

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