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Are you a....
Direct seller or leader?

Work at home mom?

Home based business owner?

Have you ever said...
My group is dead - what do I do?

Everyone I know has bought - I'm stuck!

No one engages when I post. Help!

Social funnel? What's that?!

How do I stand out from others who sell what I sell?

I don't understand my personal brand!

How do I make my own graphics?

Tools?  Systems?  GAH!

All the Facebook changes are hurting my business!

Are you seeking...
Live coaching and mentorship from industry leaders?

Collaboration with like-minded business owners?

Community, friendship, support, and tough love?

Constant reinforcement of positive mindset?


A budget friendly way for home-based business owners to get introductory social coaching, group accountability, private mentorship...and so much more.


    Need a daily boost? Join Brenda Ster and Windy Lawson for the Tip of the Day via Facebook Live several times per week, to keep you focused, motivated, and accountable. This group offers over 8 hours of live coaching per MONTH! (That's like 100 hours per year!) All sessions are available for unlimited replay for 6-months.


    Brenda Ster and Windy Lawson have four decades of combined experience in digital marketing, attraction strategy, social media, sales, leadership, and coaching adults and high performing teams. (Amazing, since they are so young...)


    Join us every month for a focused 1-hour working session, to build YOUR upcoming sales strategy and financial plan for the coming month. This is a MUST DO, and will change your business once you understand the financial drivers.


    10+ (maybe 12, maybe 20!) new thematic templates each month you can use for your own social marketing. Digital papers are our favorite, created just for you.


    With thousands of people in The Elite Suite, there is nearly always someone online who can help, brainstorm, or chat. Not kidding.... US, Canada, Europe, Australia - a worldwide network at your fingertips!


    Interested in building your own leadership and coaching skills? We invite our members to guest coach every week! It's a great way to build your presence and coaching confidence, by sharing how you apply all these marketing strategies.

Elite Testimonials

Here's what Elite Members Are Saying...

Meghan Hindrey, Agnes & Dora Independent Consultant

I've made the most progress

Meghan Hindrey, Agnes & Dora Independent Consultant

The Elite Suite is a lot of great information, but I’ve made more progress with The Elite Suite than anything else. The information is here, and surprisingly enough to me, so are the friendships. I’ve grown relationships with my clientele, my friends, and VIP’s, simply just by hanging out and absorbing all the information The Elite Suite has to offer.
Ashley Miller, DotDot Smile Independent Consultant

I'm never leaving!

Ashley Miller, DotDot Smile Independent Consultant

I joined The Elite Suite specifically for the 3P’s training and now I’m never leaving! In one month my interaction and group members have increased and I’ve noticed a considerable difference in my community. I can’t thank Brenda and her team enough. The lightbulb moments I had during this training were mind blowing and have completely changed the way I’m approaching my business and community. I highly recommend The Elite Suite to anyone wanting to challenge themselves and grow their business community!
Sandi-Rose Smith, Origami Owl Independent Designer

Taken my business to new levels

Sandi-Rose Smith, Origami Owl Independent Designer

Being in The Elite Suite has taken by business to new levels. I have promoted, grown my team and completely changed my mindset.
Crystal Chapman, Paisely Raye Independent Consultant

Invest in yourself

Crystal Chapman, Paisely Raye Independent Consultant

If you guys aren't in The Elite Suite yet, I *HIGHLY* recommend you get your booties in there ASAP. We get live coaching Mon-Fri, a sales strategy training EACH month, AND all the pants jokes you could ever dream of. LOL Change is scary and breaking away from the norm of your team/upline is scary, but it's worth it! I've been working on my presence in a way I had never considered before, and it's because of this AH-MAZING group. Sometimes you have to invest in yourself if you're ever going to see growth. Sometimes you have to invest just a little money in order to help make yourself money. Invest in yourself, you're worth it.
Meghan Doyle, Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant

Game changer

Meghan Doyle, Usborne Books & More Independent Consultant

Being in The Elite Suite is a game changer!!! The Elite Suite teaches you how do promote your business in a way that isn't salesy or spammy. Knowing how to apply the 3 P's allows you to show off your personality, provide value to customers, promote your business all while building a community! This is the only way to do direct sales!
Ashling Willard, Grace & Gratitude Boutique

Mind blowing!

Ashling Willard, Grace & Gratitude Boutique

The 3 Ps training in The Elite Suite has been mind blowing. Learning the different ways to incorporate more personality & purposeful posts and then throwing in less promotional posts has blown my mind. People really are watching what you’re doing and they do eat up all the info you post. They’re just waiting form something that grabs their attention, whether it be funny or full of great tips that are relevant to them. Get to know your people. They want to get to know you! I’ve had so many lurkers comment or react to my posts that I didn’t even know were seeing my posts. Get in The Elite Suite, y’all. Your only regret will be waiting so long!!

Coaching Curriculum

The Elite Suite follows a 6-month coaching cycle that digs deep into the following topics. Over the course of the six months, you will develop your comprehensive social strategy.

  • Month 1: 3Ps of Social Content

    We'll discuss the difference between personality, purposeful and promotional content and how to incorporate all into your marketing strategy for optimal success.

  • Month 2: Personal Branding

    Establishing your personal brand will help set you apart from others in your field. This month is all about identifying and incorporating your personal brand into your business model.

  • Month 3: Funnel Strategy

    This month is all about building your own social funnel, leveraging the concept of free value, and then moving people through your funnel toward shopping, hosting, and joining.

  • Month 4: Community Management

    Community management is all about connecting with your ideal client, providing content that serves her (or him) and keeping an eye on engagement. Because let's be honest, a huge group is no good if engagement is low.

  • Month 5: Influencers and Partners

    Every single person who sells online is an influencer. If you have a community of followers, you're an influencer. This month, we'll cover strategies on how to maximize your influence to expand your own reach.

  • Month 6: Tools & Systems

    If you've been overwhelmed with ideas and process for your social strategy, but stuck on the execution because you weren't sure of the right tool or app to use, this is your month! We'll be focusing on automation and efficiency to keep work smarter, not harder.

  • Bonus content includes mindset coaching, graphics and logo creation, and partner discounts and training!

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Pick the recurring payment plan that works best for your budget.*


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