Proven Strategies For Success

Start with a powerful launch then maintain momentum with strategy.

If you're brand new to direct sales, you've probably already heard - "Time to plan your launch party!" or "If you meet {xx} in sales in your first {yy} days, you'll earn {zz}!"

Sounds great but, how do you do that?!?

If you're motivated to make the sales and dive into direct sales but don't want to follow in the same spammy footsteps others have tread before you, you need the Direct Sales Launch Kit.

Launch Kit Resources

  • Tips for setting your launch goals

  • Launch Party Tips, Strategies, & Scripts

  • Ready-to-Use Launch Party Graphics

  • BRAND NEW Planning Your Sales Strategy video course

  • Direct Sales Toolbox

  • Kickstart Your Direct Sales Social Marketing Strategy E-Book

Get Ready to Launch!

Client Success

Tripled Monthly Sales

Lora C.

The first month I went from $400 in average sales a month to $800, now a few months later I'm doing $1,200 a month. My product is only $11 to $14!!!! Do this sales strategy ladies, it will improve your business!


Brenda H.

I did the sales strategy for August. Brilliant! It gives you a clear cut view of what you need to do to get where you want. No matter how big or small.

Your business will thank you!

Anne D.

This sales strategy training is the most useful training ever. It will help plan your [month] and your sales and business will thank you for it.

Ready-To-Use Launch Graphics

Images meant to catch the eye and enhance your story.

Save time and effort with 9 ready-to-use images and 7 professionally designed blank templates intended to supplement any product imagery made available to you through your company. These eye-catching designs will add more personality and storytelling elements into your launch announcements, marketing, and party.

Proven Sales Strategy

Set your goal and outline a plan for success.

For the first time ever, I've recorded my insanely popular and effective Sales Strategy session. Learn how to set monthly sales goals for your business and then back into a plan that will help you achieve those goals one day at a time through actionable tips and an interactive worksheet you can revisit month after month.

More Praise for Sales Strategy

One of our most effective training sessions - included in this launch kit!

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