An Epically Great Boot Camp!

Epic Live Facebook Parties is our best selling course. And we've made it even better with a week-long boot camp with coach Windy Lawson. She'll break down the course lessons showing you how to create engaging party posts and build a dynamic outline for any business. Boot Camp will wrap up with a LIVE party and Q & A session. At the end of this course, you'll be ready to host an epic party like none other! Note: Your registration includes a copy of the course as well as the live training included in the boot camp.

This course will teach you how to...

  • Create a highly customized, engaging, and repeatable party outline for any brand or product.

  • Make entertainment and fun the party focus.

  • Incorporate theme and video elements.

  • Incorporate the 3Ps (Personality, Purposeful, Promotional).

  • Coach your hostess to maximum party success!

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