The Ultimate Direct Sales Party Kit

Two of our most popular courses + BRAND NEW digital assets designed to save you time, money & effort!

In today's digital age, it's important to meet your customer where they already are - ONLINE.

Part of that strategy includes the ability to host an online party that recreates the in-person experience through engaging posts and an interactive experience.

With this BRAND NEW Party Kit, we've bundled two of our most popular flagship courses: Epic Live Facebook Parties and Hostess Coaching for Party Success along with brand new digital assets designed to get you up and running quickly, as well as support a long-term strategy. Note: The party framework included in this kit is not sold separately.

Rock Your Party Strategy

Save with this power packed bundle!

Client Success

3x Party Sales!

Carena S.

I had my first epic party last week and the engagement was huge and the party sales were triple what my past parties have been! If you haven't gotten the Epic Party training I highly recommend it!!

This course has been invaluable!

Jaci H.

One of my favorite things about EPIC Live Facebook Parties is how many different engagement options were given to us. All you need is a dash of creative thinking and a little bit of personality and you'll never run out of games to play or new posts to share during a party! Even almost a year after I've taken the course, I keep returning to my original EPIC booklet to keep reinventing posts for my parties. The course has been invaluable to my business. Thank you, Sassy Suite!

One of the most valuable trainings I've ever taken!

Kayla V.

Epic Live Facebook Parties is hands down one of the most valuable trainings I have ever taken. It put the party back in Facebook! For real, each party is now purposeful, organized, and fun! You can customize it to any platform! This training is straightforward and I’ve never had as much engagement ever! Tons of useable information - I’ve revisited the training multiple times because during it I couldn’t wait to start implementing everything new I’ve learned! You’ll want to take notes. Thank you for providing a tool that I’ll continue to use over and over!

Hostess Coaching is EVERYTHING!

Chasity W.

The hostess coaching course was EVERYTHING! Prior to signing up, I would have a few quick chats with my hostesses, share a few random tips, and hope for the best. This course provided me with the tools to develop a step-by-step coaching process that I have been able to easily duplicate for all of my hostesses. What a huge time and stress saver! If you work with hostesses, this course is money well-spent!

Hostess Coaching is a MUST!

Carol S.

The Hostess Coaching course is a MUST for anyone that already utilizes, or would like to utilize, hostesses for their DS parties! After taking the course, I'm more confident when approaching new hostesses and my hostesses are more confident that their party will go well. It makes a difference to know how to batch certain processes that will not only save you and your hostess time but will really help MAXIMIZE her rewards (which is the whole point of having a hostess)! The course explains what should be set up as daily tasks leading up to the party so your hostess is well informed. I can say with confidence that knowing what to teach and how to coach my hostesses has definitely made the party experience more fun for me as well!

The KEY to thriving in Direct Sales

"The key to thriving in your direct sales business is creating a highly repeatable and efficient party process that is enjoyable for your guests, and profitable for you."

Brenda Ster, Founder of Sassy Suite and Creator of Epic Live Facebook Parties

NEW Digital Assets Included

Tips, graphics, and scripts you can use now!

  • Ready-To-Use Party Graphics

    Taco Fiesta? 80's Party? Totally rad! This kit includes two complete packs of ready-to-use graphics for a Taco Fiesta and 80's themed Epic Party. Each pack includes 15 graphics (9 completed graphics and 6 themed blank templates). Just add your logo or watermark, customize with your offer, and GO!

  • Detailed Epic Party Script Framework

    We've made it even easier to master the Epic Party strategy by providing a detailed outline for your Epic Party posts. Simply follow the prompts to curate your posts using your product and party specifics.

  • 30+ Additional Party Theme Ideas

    Need ideas for fresh party themes? We've included a list of over 30 additional themes that you can make your own.

  • Party Toolbox

    Looking for the best tools on the market to streamline and support your Epic Party strategy? We've tested them all and partnered with the best to bring you exclusive pricing, extended free trials, and more! The best resources are at your fingertips in this ultimate party toolbox.

  • Additional Tips for Success

    Invitation and follow-up scripts, tips for maximizing attendance and engagement--we've included even more value by curating our top tips for maximizing your party success.

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