Boot Camp? Do I need Boot Camp?

Know what sucks? Having a web designer build you a gorgeous site that you don't know how to use. That's like buying a car, and not being able to drive it.


If you want to blog, we will teach you how your blog is built from the inside out, so that you can stand out in a crowded online field of hundreds or thousands of other consultants selling the same thing as you.

Expand your online presence by becoming an authority in your field with your own customized blog. A blog allows you to meet potential clients where they are. By posting great content, implementing great SEO, and maintaining a professional online presence that is 100% authentic, and are able to showcase content that will appeal to your ideal client.

Through our comprehensive, 8-week Blogging Boot Camp course, our team will guide you through the process of setting up and customizing your own unique website as well as teach you the skills you need to maintain your site and leverage your new online presence for optimal success.

Tell me about the Standard plan!

  • Membership to exclusive boot camp Facebook group

  • Complete technical setup of your blog (those pesky one-time tasks)

  • Weekly live group coaching video calls

  • Choice of 4 WordPress themes + Genesis Framework (preview the themes in the video below)

  • 40+ hours of training on how to customize and maintain your blog ongoing

  • Coaching on content and promotional strategy, including SEO

  • Brand Yo’ Self with Suite Graphics video course

  • Site review by Sassy Suite staff prior to going live

  • Inclusion on the Sassy Suite Portfolio *

Should I go for Premium? (Next time. Premium is SOLD OUT for this round!)

Premium includes everything in the standard plan PLUS...

  • Choice of 4 additional Wordpress themes (2 ecommerce-ready) = 8 total theme choices

  • 1 on 1 technical coaching call with our technical architect to discuss blogging strategy and needs

  • 1 on 1 design consultation with our in-house graphic designer

  • Signature graphic design

  • Branding board with color codes and fonts

  • Winning with Pinterest video course

  • Site review and feedback from Brenda Ster prior to going live

  • Registration to brand new Pinterest Boot Camp scheduled for fall 2018

Early Registration Bonus!

Expired June 11!

  • Act fast: we have limited spots available for this round of Blogging Boot Camp.

    PLUS if you enroll by Monday, June 11, the bonus video course Understanding Funnel Strategy (Social Marketing Video Coaching #6) will also be included in your purchase of either plan. (NOTE: EARLY REGISTRATION HAS EXPIRED!)

Get the training!